The Bill and Carol Latimer Charitable Foundation

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Proverbs 19:20

College Opportunity Fund

The purpose of the College Opportunity Fund (COF) Program is to provide interest free loans to motivated students who have exhausted all possible means of securing available funds, but still need more financial help in order to attend college.  The COF is designed to provide the Last Dollar Needed.


The COF Program was developed by Bill and Carol Latimer with the mission of making it possible for highly motivated Obion, Weakley, and Lake County graduates, possessing high moral and ethical standards, to be able financially to secure a college or technical degree from an accredited school of their choice through interest-free loans.


The Foundation offers interest-free loans for the purpose of encouraging responsibility in students. It is the hope of the Foundation that students will learn more responsibility and develop a greater appreciation for their education.

COF Requirements - Do I qualify for the loans?
COF FAQs - Here are some quick answers to common questions.
COF Process - How is the loan selection made?
COF Dowload Forms - Here is the library of forms.
COF Incentives - Are there benefits to paying my loan off early?

COF Loan Repayment - Can I payback my loans electronically?
COF Deadline - What are the cutoff dates?
COF Contact - I need to talk with someone.

"The C.O.F. has helped me to be able to attend a college that has one of the best programs for my career choice in Digital Media."

-Andrew Crockett Wilson


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