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Q. Do I have to be a resident of Obion County in order to apply?

A. No.  However, strong preference is given to persons who have

    graduated from high school or home school programs located

    in Obion, Weakley or Lake Counties.


Q. Is there a good website for the FAFSA?

A. Yes. See the official FAFSA websites at



Q. Is there a limit on the amount of money one can request?

A. No. However, legitimate needs are assessed using the

     FAFSA electronic Student Aid Report (SAR), a school's

     cost of tuition, required books, and room and board.


Q. Do I have to attend college within Tennessee in order to apply?

A. No. You may choose the accredited school of your choice.


Q. Is there a certain grade point average required to apply?

A. No. However, grades will be looked at when considering a student.


Q. Is there a deadline to apply?

A. Yes. The deadline is June 8th.


Q. Can I apply if I only need money for college housing or books?

A. Yes. We will consider college related expenses for a no-interest loan.



Q. How do I schedule a one-on-one interview with the Educational


A. The Educational Director will contact applicants and schedule an

     interview time.



Q. Can I apply if I graduated from a high school in Obion, Weakley,

     or Lake County a few years ago?

A. Yes. To apply, just follow the instructions on this website. 


Q. Is there a good website for scholarship purposes?

A. Yes.  Start with



Q. How do I get information regarding financial aid?

A.  Start with the websites and



Q. Is there a good website for Stafford Loan information?

A. Yes.  See the following: and

     Other Student Aid



             Additional informational links for the College Opportunity Fund:               


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